What is the difference between Patron Premium Edition and the public build of the anti-detect?

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What is the difference between the public build of antidetect and Patreon Premium Edition?

The free version remains important to us and unlike some other products on the market, it is a full-fledged working version of the product, not stripped down. At the same time, the project itself exists thanks to donates and we have a desire to make a really cool product for patrons.

I will not list all the benefits of Patreon Premium Edition, I will only show the changes for December 2020 and January 2021, which became available to Patreon Premium Edition users and were not included in the free version.

December 2020

Youtube video

January 2021

1. 4000 new hardware combinations

2. Fixed CPU leak

3. New PnP devices

4. New video mode - Hardware/Software

5. New VM signed drivers

6. Fixed Google registration NoSms problem

7. New AllOk 1.5.1 added to AntidetectAdditions CD

New AllOk 1.5.1 compared to 1.4 in the free version received a substitution of new parameters:

1. Added the ability to spoof System Drive ID

2. Added the ability to spoof Machine ID

3. Added the ability to spoof Unversal Unique ID

4. Added the ability to spoof Device Unique ID 

5. Fixed bluescreen when using SoftMode 

6. New HWID combinations


A separate support is available to the Patron Premium Edition user immediately after the subscription https://t.me/antidetectsupport @antidetectsupport.

How do I get a Patron Premium Edition build?

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