How to create Google account without sms

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Vectort13 video instruction:

Youtube video

If you prefer texts, read the instruction below.

You need to download and install Antidetect Patreon Premium Edition (detailed manual here).

Step 1. Create new virtual machine:
1.1) choose the name and OS parameters (Windows 10)
1.2) choose antifraud preset "Google"
1.3) choose the path to your .iso file
1.4) set memory size
1.5) click "Create" twice

Image 37

Image 59

Step 2. System settings
2.1) Processor (2 cores or more, depending on the capacity of your hardware)

Image 40

2.2) USB 2.0

Image 41

2.3) Antidetect. Click "Smart Random".

Image 42

2.4) click on the "RAM" tab and set configuration depending on memory size you chose in the previous step

Image 43

2.5) add USB ports

Image 44

2.6) click "Misk Hardware" and choose models of keyboard and mouse
2.7) go to "Network" and type mac addresses of your machine and router. Pay attention that you only need to add some symbols (can be random).

Image 45

Step 3. Virtual machine installation

3.1) press "Start". Installation is completely automatic. All the drivers will be installed automatically either.
3.2) after the installation process is completed, you can set your screen resolution to larger.

Attention! Do not change size of text because it can affect the operation of the antifraud system.

Image 47

Step 4. Proxy settings

4.1) insert guest additions CD and open it:

Image 48

Image 49

4.2) find "tune2socks" archive in the "TOOLS" folder. Drag it to the virtual machine desktop and unarchive it.

Image 50

4.3) find good proxies, go to your virtual machine settings and set the time zone of your proxy. Click "syncronise". If, for example, the city of ypur proxy is Wimmington (USA, Ohio), then set your time zone to "-5"

Image 51

Image 52

Image 53

4.4) open the "start" file in the Notepad, turn on shared clipboard, then copy your proxy ip and port

Image 54

Image 55

4.5) open the command line, set the path to the "tun2socks" folder and run "start.bat" from the command line.

Image 56

4.6) wait until the process of proxy checking starts. You should see something like the following:

Image 57

Then open Microsoft Edge and create Google account. This is the basic procedure, but you do not need to enter a phone number. If something goes wrong, try to change your proxy or repeat the whole procedure over again.

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