A few questions about Patron Premium Edition.

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Good time of day!

My situation is as follows I need a multi window in two games from mail.ru Allods Online and Revelation.

I have already been offered some paid options, but for the most part they do not suit me. I'm thinking about purchasing the Patreon Premium Edition. But first, I would like to get some answers.

Patreon Premium Edition will definitely allow you to play the games mentioned above with a second or more window? I'd like to know for sure. For checking for windowing occurs after 3-10 minutes of being in the game, and I already had a negative experience of buying an option that worked on the video for exactly 3-10 minutes and then the anti-cheat detected windowing.

As far as I indirectly understood, after buying a Patreon Premium Edition subscription, I will only get it in a month. Is this correct?

Do I need to reinstall Patreon Premium Edition every month after my subscription expires?

The games that I mentioned above are not particularly demanding on hardware, but still I would like at least 30 frames/sec? Is this possible in Patreon Premium Edition?

Thank you for your answers.

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1. Unknown. Unfortunately.
2. Not really, the first write-off takes place on the first day and the assembly is sent to 1-3.
3. No. If you want to update.
4. To be honest, I don't know, it is theoretically possible.

1. Не известно. К сожалению.

2.  Не совсем, первое списание происходит первого числа и 1-3 отправляется сборка.

3. Нет. Если хотите обновитесь.

4. Честно говоря, не знаю, теоритически точно возможно.


И все же я бы очень попросил премиум пользователей проверить работу.

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