IP Auditor. General questions.

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What is it for?

IP Auditor is a tool for checking IP addresses for risks, reliability and “loyalty” of antifraud systems. It has following functions:

  • uses 7 antifraud systems instead of 2 at detect.expert.
  • shows a simple and easy-to-understand report on the security of the IP, for example: “This IP address can cause problems for anyone who uses it. It is hard to find such a bad IP. This type of IP belongs to the category of Server IPs, antifraud systems show such IP with increased attention, thus the usage of such IPs involves a considerable degree of risk. ”
  • gives a clear explanation of every point of the report and its impact on the IP address score. It's useful for leveling up your skills to bypass antifraud systems.
  • allows you to check IPs in bulk, sort, import and export the check history.
  • compares IP addresses to each other by required indicators

Where can I download it?

On Google drive or Vektort13 channel.

How to get a license key and activate IP Auditor?

During the first start of the program you have to specify any working email and a license key. At the moment of activation, Internet access is required.

License key is given when subscribing to Vektor T13 Patreon (Premium or VIP).

You can purchase your subscription through Patreon or in cryptocurrency with Vektor Support.

Here are detailed instructions for acquiring a license.

After the purchasement, you can copy the key from this link or by logging into your detect.expert account (“IP Auditor Licence” section).

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Copy the key, insert it into the program and specify any working email.

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