How to proxy AntiDetect virtual machine

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In this article, we will discuss three of the easiest and most reliable ways to proxy a VM.

Method I. Setting up proxy when creating a virtual machine


  • simplicity
  • reliability
  • proxy setup at Windows installation

When creating a new AntiDetect virtual machine, in the "Network" tab, check the "OpenVPN" checkbox and then specify the path to the OVPN file, login, and password:

Image 159

Image 158 If your proxies were purchased on, you can copy the path to the OpenVPN file directly on the site by right-clicking on the "Download VPN Config" link:

Image 160

After that, the virtual machine will automatically make all necessary network settings and connect to the proxy server.

Method II. Setting up with Proxifier and CheckWebRTC


  • convenient management of all proxies in one place
  • пeasy to use/li>
  • proxy setup at Windows installation


  • Proxifier does not support UDP.

Image 158 To work with UDP protocol and WebRTC, in this example, we use a separate utility CheckWebRTC, which is only supplied with the Personal version of AntiDetect.

  1. In the AntiDetect settings menu ("File" -> "Settings" -> "Miscellaneous"), check "Unique VM processes"

  2. Image 161

    Image 158

    • This setting is mandatory as it allows AntiDetect to create a separate file for each virtual machine, which is necessary for Proxifier to work.
    • In this case, you need to run AntiDetect as an administrator.

  3. Start the virtual machine
  4. Launch Proxifier on the host machine, go to "Profile" -> "Proxy Servers" -> "Add"
  5. Specify the parameters of the proxy server.

  6. Image 162

    Image 158 Do not press the "Check" button

  7. Click No (do not set the proxy as default)

  8. Image 163

  9. Click Yes (confirm proxy rules change)

  10. Image 164

  11. Add a proxy rule. To do this, click "Add", enter any name, and specify the path to your virtual machine file.

  12. Image 158 The VM file is stored in the folder C:\Program Files\Vektor T13\VirtualBox. The file name contains the name of the virtual machine. For example, if your virtual machine is named win10, then the file path will be: C:\Program Files\Vektor T13\VirtualBox\VirtualBoxVM.exe.win10

    Image 165

    Image 166

  13. Specify Action

  14. Image 167

    After confirmation, a separate proxy rule will be created for this virtual machine. This way, an unlimited number of VMs can be created with different proxies.

  15. Go to "Profile" -> "Advanced" -> "Services and another users" and check "Applications run by other users on this computer."
  16. If you have the Personal version of AntiDetect, run the CheckWebRTC file on your virtual machine.

Способ III. Tun2socks

Image 158 This method only works if your proxy supports the UDP protocol.


  • tun2Socks supports UDP protocol
  • simple setup


  • there are very few proxy services that support UDP
  • cannot proxy the entire operating system installation process
  • unstable connection in some cases
  1. Start the virtual machine, go to the "Devices" -> "Insert Guest Additions CD image".

  2. Image 168

  3. If the disk did not open automatically, go to "My PC" -> "Driver Updater CD" -> "Tools."
  4. Move the tun2socks folder to the desktop, right-click the "start.bat" file, and select "edit."

  5. Image 169

  6. Specify your proxy server's details.

  7. Image 170

  8. Save and run the start.bat file as an administrator, click "Install" and wait for the connection

  9. Image 171

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